What should I do if I find an injured animal?

Injured animals are very susceptible to stress, so they have to be handled carefully. To reduce the animal's stress as much as possible, please follow this advice -

Move the animal away from any danger and into a quiet, dark environment. Contain in a cardboard box with a small towel or blanket inside to provide warmth and comfort.

DO NOT OFFER ANY FOOD OR WATER as native animals have very specialised diets, plus feeding an animal suffering from shock could be fatal.

Note the exact location the animal was found – most animals are territorial and must be released back at the rescue site.

Keep the animal as quiet and undisturbed as possible.

Please call Sydney Wildlife immediately on 9413 4300 or take the animal to your nearest vet (there will be no charge). It is illegal to keep native animals taken from the wild - they must be passed on to an authorised, licensed wildlife carer.

For injured or entangled flying foxes
If you find a Flying Fox, or bat of any sort, do not handle or attempt to rescue it. Please call Sydney Wildlife immediately.

For snakes
If you find a snake on your property, please do not handle it. Again, call Sydney Wildlife immediately.

Other Wildlife Rescue Groups

If you are outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area - find Wildlife Rescuer near where you are.

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