Sydney’s Birds

Sydney is home to a large variety of native birds, and some of them have actually thrived in the urban environment. It is not a good idea to feed native birds, because this can affect their health and well-being.

The list below outlines the birds typically cared for:


Rainbow Lorikeets, Noisy Miners, Wattle birds, New Holland Honeyeaters


Wrens, Wagtails, Magpie-larks, Swallows, Dollar birds

Carnivores & Raptors

Kookaburras, Owls, Tawny Frogmouths, Butcher Birds


Magpies, Currawongs, Ravens, Cuckoo-shrikes, Silvereyes, Brush Turkeys


Sulphur Crested Cockatoos, Galahs, Crested Pigeons, Rosellas, King Parrots


Koels, Channel-bill Cuckoos, Bower Birds, Orioles

Water Birds

Ducks, Seagulls, Pelicans, Penguins, Moorhens, Coots, Swans, Plovers, Cormorants, Shearwaters, Herons, Egrets

For more information on all these birds, please visit

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