Sydney’s Reptiles & Amphibians

A surprisingly large number of frogs, lizards, turtles and frogs live in close proximity to urban environments in Sydney. Unless you are qualified, you should not handle any variety of snake. Although no lizards, turtles and frogs in the Sydney area are venomous, they are quite sensitive and human interference can be very detrimental.

The list below outlines the reptiles typically cared for:


Diamond Python
Green Tree Snake
Red-bellied Black Snake
Eastern Brown Snake
Broad-headed Snake
Tiger Snake
Golden Crown Snake
Eastern Brown Tree Snake
Yellow-Faced Whip Snake
Marsh Snake
Death Adder


Blue Tongued Lizard
Eastern Water Dragon
Lace Monitor
Leaf Tailed Gecko
Golden Water Skink
Eastern Bearded Dragon


Eastern Long-necked Turtle
Sydney Basin River Turtle


Currently, Sydney Wildlife is not under licence to care for frogs. For more information about frogs please visit FATS (Frog and Tadpole Study Group of NSW) at

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