2016 Sydney Wildlife Rescue & Care Courses

NEXT COURSE: 20-21st February, 2016 to be held at Northbridge.

Thank you for your interest in Sydney Wildlife.  We are a not-for-profit organisation involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and 
release of our native animals. We would be delighted for you to become one of our valued members and help our native wildlife. 
Joining is easy if you can say yes to the following:

Over 18
  • Can help out wherever possible at our Lane Cove Office and our Rescue phones.
  • Will complete the Sydney Wildlife two-day Rescue and Care Course. (RCC)
If you have said yes to all of these, then read on. The RCC course is designed for people wishing to rescue and care for native 
animals in their homes. Rescue and Care Course is two days of training over one weekend. This course will be held in 
Northbridge from 8.30am-5pm on the 20-21st February.  Parking is available on site or in the surrounding streets.

The cost of attending the Rescue and Care course is $100/person or $130 for 2 living at the same address and sharing materials. 
The fee  includes a range of supplies, startup equipment and your first annual membership to Sydney Wildlife, which is $30 per 

On successful completion of the course you’ll be granted an Authority to Rescue and Care for Native Animals, as per NPWS 
guidelines and will be issued with a photo ID card with your member number. This gives you the authority to rescue and care for 
birds, adult possums, lizards and turtles.  Further training is available if you wish to rescue and care for other species, 
such as bats and snakes, or specialise caring for baby possums or baby birds.

But, wildlife rescue and care is not for everyone. It can be extremely rewarding, and can also be time consuming and distressing. 
You need to be able accept that sometimes the animals you encounter may die or have to be euthanised. However you will have 
support of Sydney Wildlife members at all times, we are only a phone call away to help you.

If you are looking to volunteer, but not rescue and care for our native animals, we are always looking for volunteers to help out in 
other areas including office administration, answering calls from the public when they need your advice 
as well as general maintenance of our facilities.

If you wish to enroll for the course please email: training@sydneywildlife.org.au or download this form 

Rescue and Care Course Application Form Rescue and Care Course Application Form (409 KB)

*This course is not a general education course and isn’t suitable if you wish to work professionally with native animals. 

Please note:  we do not accept enrolments on the day.

Places are limited so if you would like to become a wildlife rescuer and carer, request an information package
If you are requesting on-line and don't have access to a printer, please include your name and postal address.

Any questions? 
Email training@sydneywildlife.org.au or call 9413 4300


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