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Thank you for your interest in joining Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services (Sydney Wildlife). We are a non-profit wildlife organisation operating under licence from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.


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Must Be 18 Years Old
Rescue & Care Course
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Our Goals

Our goals are the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured and orphaned native wildlife, as well as educating the community about wildlife and habitat preservation. Prospective members must complete the Rescue and Care Course. On successful completion of the course, trainees become members of Sydney Wildlife and are issued with an annually renewable authority to rescue and foster care for a range of native wildlife.

This includes a wide range of native birds, adult possums, turtles and lizards. Once new members have gained some experience, further training is available for those wishing to care for baby animals and/or a range of other species such as bats, snakes, macropods (such as wallabies and kangaroos), and raptors.


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As a member you must be at least 18 years of age, not a member of another wildlife organisation and be willing to comply with COVID-19 restrictions. Members are required to be available for animal rescues when possible and to care for wildlife in their own homes. Members are also expected to meet the costs of travel, animal food, equipment, and to commit to working on Sydney Wildlife's Rescue Line.


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The 24/7
Rescue Line

The 24/7 Rescue Line is operated remotely from members' homes or from our office in Lane Cove National Park. Answering the Rescue Line is interesting and rewarding - exposing members to a wide range of scenarios and rescue situations. The Rescue Line is the lifeblood of our organisation - if the phone isn't answered, animals don't get rescued.

Interested? Please email training@sydneywildlife.org.au

Rescue and
Care Course

This course is specifically designed for people wishing to become members of Sydney Wildlife and to actively rescue and care for native wildlife. It is not a general education course and is not suitable for those intending to work professionally with animals or who are seeking a prerequisite for entry into another course.

Prior to enrolling, please think carefully. Wildlife rescue is not for everyone. While it can be extremely rewarding, it can also be time consuming and distressing. Members need to be able to handle animals confidently and to accept that in some cases, the animals they encounter may die or have to be euthanased.

About The Course

The course has two components:

1. An online course with 10 modules and assessments. This is self-paced, runs for 3 weeks and should take about 10 to 12 hours to complete.

2. A competency-based practical component where you will join experienced members who will help you with hands-on practical skills.

Attendance at the Rescue and Care Course costs $120 which includes a wide range of resources including the soft copies of the Course Manual, Bird Care Manual (including Bird Identification), rescue basket and emergency food and supplement packs. All successful recruits receive a Sydney Wildlife Rescue Hi-Vis vest and their ID Card (renewed annually for $30). It is run on a cost-neutral basis.

The Rescue and Care Course is designed and run by the Sydney Wildlife Training Committee and complies with the NSW Department of Primary Industry, Planning and Environment species codes of practice and training standards. 

- If you have any questions, please email training@sydneywildlife.org.au

- If you believe you have what it takes, fill in the RCC Trainee Application Form to register your interest. 

Your name will be added to the waiting list and a member of the Training Committee will contact you regarding the next available course.


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