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Making a donation to Sydney Wildlife Rescue will go a long way. Your funds will be put to good use, buying food and medicines for sick animals, supporting our running costs, and helping us run training courses. Click the donate button to donate via paypal or credit card.

If you'd rather donate via bank deposit, our Public Gift Fund bank account details are:  

Name: Sydney Wildlife
BSB: 062 028

You'll automatically get a tax receipt if you use paypal or credit card.  If you make a bank deposit, please email our treasurer ( so that a tax receipt can be sent to you.  All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

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Gifts & Bequests

Sydney Wildlife Rescue is a not-for-profit charity operating in the Greater Sydney Basin and has been diligently rescuing and caring for Australian native wildlife since 1997.  We rely on our own fundraising efforts and the support of donors to enable us to carry out this important work.  

Our 24/7 phone service answers more than 13,000 calls for assistance each year.  These calls might be from members of the public who’ve found an animal in distress, from vets who need one of our 500+ volunteers to take an animal into care, from community groups inviting us to give a presentation on Australian wildlife to their members, or simply from someone seeking advice about native wildlife.  Providing these services costs money. 

We need to pay our phone bill, train our members, buy or build animal shelters, pay for vets, food and medicines and meet countless other ongoing expenses.  We are eternally grateful for our many supporters - those who make regular donations, or drop a gold coin in a tin, visit us at a market stall or attend a fundraising function, or leave a gift in their wills.  

If you are considering leaving a gift to Sydney Wildlife Rescue in your will, the following information might be of help:

Our Legal Name
Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services Inc.
Postal Address
PO Box 78, Lindfield  NSW  2070  
Charitable Status
Public Gift Fund Bank Account:
Name: Sydney Wildlife.  
062 028

Suitable wording in a will might be:

“I give to Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services Inc. (or its legal name at the time of my death), ABN 40412060030:

(A)  the sum of $XXX or,
(B)  XXX% of my estate, 

provided the aims of the charity have not changed.  Receipt of the Treasurer or Public Officer will be sufficient discharge for my executors.  

If the gift to Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services Inc. cannot take effect completely or at all, then to the extent that it cannot take effect I give the gift to the charitable organisation or organisations in Australia which my executors in their discretion consider most nearly fulfils or fulfil the objects I intend to benefit, in the share or shares my executors think fit.  

Bear in mind that we’re wildlife rescuers and carers, not solicitors, so we recommend you seek professional advice from a solicitor in relation to a gift in your will.  

Thanks for thinking of us!

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