Tawny Frogmouth Tawny Frogmouth Rehabilitated and ready for release

Found an injured native animal? We're here to help.

Keep the animal contained, warm, quiet and undisturbed. Do not offer any food or water.

Call Sydney Wildlife immediately on 9413 4300, or take the animal to your nearest vet. Generally there is no charge. 

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Sydney Wildlife Mobile Clinic Fundraiser

What does everyone hope for on the day of a Fundraiser that's been planned for months in minute detail?

Great weather, no disasters and oodles of generous people, right?  

Well, we got the magic three!  And much, much more.  Our team of helpers delivered perfection in each of their designated tasks, the food was delectable and our guests were the best batch of people on the planet, all squeezed into one perfect venue:  Sue and Peter Glasson's exquisite property in Bayview!  

A light lunch was served in the glorious gardens, followed by a Reptile Rescue presentation in the gazebo and then everyone ambled down the lush lawns towards the pool area for the speeches and live Auction.  Silent Auctions closed 45 minutes before the end of the event.  There was much scrambling at the end as people rushed to secure the item of their desire!

It was a day to be proud of our wonderful organisation as we managed to raise $ 26,328 towards our target of $200K.

Read more - about the event from Pittwater Online News here.

Welcome to Sydney Wildlife

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services Inc (Sydney Wildlife) was formed in May 1997, by a large group of experienced wildlife carers, to meet the specific needs of urban wildlife in the Sydney metropolitan area.

We are licensed by NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service to rescue, rehabilitate and release sick, injured and orphaned native animals and to educate the community, at all levels, about the need to protect our native animals and to preserve their habitats.

Our organisation is a registered charity and is operated entirely by volunteers. We offer a 24-hours, 7-days rescue and advice service.

Help us care for Sydney’s native animals by:

Becoming a rescuer/carer

To become a rescuer/carer you will need to complete a two day Rescue & Care training course. Courses are held on weekends.

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Working on our rescue hotline in Lane Cove National Park

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To become a carer you'll need to complete a course.

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