There are over 1000 species of lizards across Australia, many appearing in both urban and country landscapes. The most common species that are found around Greater Sydney are blue-tongue lizards, water dragons, and bearded dragons. Whilst they can seem dangerous due to their size, and in some cases looking like snakes, they are non-venomous and non-aggressive reptiles. They can possess sharp claws, so it is still best to approach them with caution.

Lizards are most often injured by mowers and often fatally killed by cats and dogs. To avoid an interaction like this occurring, it is always a good idea to check your backyard for lizards before letting pets out. Never relocate a lizard, they are territorial animals that need to stay in their home range. Lizards are great for keeping bugs and pests out of your garden.

Rescue Advice

• Never pick up or hold a lizard by the tail (skinks drop their tails).

• To pick up a injured lizard, place a tea towel over the top and place in a ventilated and dark box. You can also place it in a pillowcase, but make sure it is inside out so the claws cannot get caught on the threads.

• Do not attempt to give the animal any food or water.

• Take the animal to your nearest vet or contact your local wildlife group.

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