There are 35 bird of prey species Australia wide, in Greater Sydney the most common species seen are the barn owl, powerful owl, peregrine falcon and sea eagle to name a few. The tawny frogmouth often gets mistaken as part of this family but is in fact part of the nightjar species, therefore please refer to our section on adult birds on how to contain one.

Unlike most other species in Australia, birds of prey can cause serious harm to humans. We advise to never attempt to approach or contain a bird of prey. They have extremely sharp claws and beaks that would inflict significant damage.

Rescue Advice

• Never approach, try to contain, or touch a bird of prey.

• Call the relevant wildlife rescue group as soon as possible so they can organise a specially trained volunteer to come and rescue the bird of prey. Wait until they arrive and always keep an eye on its location.

• If you cannot stay with the bird of prey, take note of the GPS location, take a photo, and write down any noticeable landmarks or signs to send to the volunteer.

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