Whilst some snakes can cause concern for how venomous they are, the majority of the species are shy animals that are wary of any human interaction. Snakes if left alone, will move on in a timely manner and more often than not, people do not even know they are present in their gardens or local parks. Snakes will only attack humans when they feel threatened and cornered, so if you ever come across a snake, do not approach under any circumstances. All snakes in Australia are protected native wildlife, although the instinct can sometimes be to harm them, they are integral to the Australian landscape and attempting to remove or harm them as an untrained person is when the majority of snake bites occur.

Rescue Advice

• If you have found an injured or sick snake, immediately call an experienced snake handler either through the local wildlife group like Sydney Wildlife Rescue, a professional, or through your local fire station if necessary. Keep the animal in sight, from a distance, until help arrives.

• If a snake is found inside a house, leave a window or door open as an avenue of escape, whilst blocking off further entry to the rest of the house. You can do this by rolling towels and wedging them under the door for instance.

• If safe to do so, place a line of flour at any exit point in order to see if the snake has left your property or has found a hiding place inside.

• If bitten, don’t wash the wound but apply a pressure bandage or towel over it. Immobilize and elevate the limb and keep the patient still and calm. Phone 000 for an ambulance. There is no need to contain the snake, but if safe to do so, take a photo to enable quick identification for medical services.

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