A mother duck and her ducklings are in my swimming pool. How can I get them out?

Firstly, turn off the filtration system or there is a risk the ducklings will be sucked into it. Provide a ramp so the ducks can exit the pool easily. If the ducklings are left wet or in water for too long they will die of pneumonia.

If you need to remove and re-locate the birds, you need to catch the ducklings first. This can sometimes be done with a pool scoop by bringing it up under the duckings. You may need to do this a few times until you catch them all. Even newly hatched ducklings can dive deep. Be careful to let them surface before attempting to scoop them again, or they will drown.

You will need a box with a lid, a cat or dog carry cage, or some other suitable container, ready to place the ducklings in as you catch them. As you place each duckling in the container remember to close the lid - ducklings can jump quite high and may jump back out of an open container. If you are trying to catch ducklings out of the pool, you will probably need to corner them – they can run very fast! The mother duck may attack you, or fly away. If she flies away, don’t worry – she will return. Alternatively she will hang around watching her babies, she will keep her distance and may seem impossible to catch.

Once you have caught the ducklings, whilst in clear view of the mother duck you should slowly take the ducklings in the container, into a shed, kitchen, laundry or other confined space. Put the conatiner on the floor and stand behind the door. The mother will come in after them. You can then shut the door, thereby confining her also. It will then be easier to catch her. Put her in with the ducklings and relocate them all together in a lagoon, lake, river, etc. DO NOT RELEASE THEM WHERE THERE ARE OTHER DUCKS CLOSE BY.

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