How to help our native wildlife?

Heat stress, fires, young animals taking their first steps and snakes innocently terrifying people make summer one of the busiest times for Sydney Wildlife. We love looking after our native wildlife but it would be better if they didn't need to come into care.
This is how you can help our native animals every day:

  • Keep your cats and dogs in overnight, and always keep your dog on a lead if you are passing through an area with a lot of bush. Never take dogs into National Parks or State Reserves.
  • Leave water in your garden during summer for animals to drink
  • If you use netting on your fruit and vegetables, make sure that is wildlife-safe so animals don't become entangled
  • Drive carefully and if you see an injured animal report it. If you are outside Sydney, you can use the IFAW Wildlife Rescue app to find the local wildlife group.
  • Remember that marsupials hit by a vehicle may have babies in their pouch.

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