Who To Call?

SYDNEY – Call Sydney Wildlife Rescue 02 9413 4300 (24hr manned rescue line) or WIRES 02 8977 3333


Find your nearest wildlife rescue group including ACT

www.fauna.org.au will give you the contact details for wildlife groupsthroughout NSW. Always phone for rescues, do not email.

Download the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW)

Wildlife Rescue App: https://www.ifaw.org/au/resources/wildlife-rescue-app

Wildlife Rescue Australia – 1300 596 457.

They will connect you with the local wildlife carers needed.

Police Assistance Line 131 444.

Call in an emergency when you can’t reach a wildlife carer or Vet, or if the injured animal can’t be moved away from traffic. Police usually also have details of local

reptile rescuers.

Local Vets – search online for ‘Veterinarians in *(nearest town)

in NSW’ for contact numbers.

New South Wales - 2020

Sydney Wildlife Rescue has, in good faith,

given directions for the assistance of sick,

injured, or orphaned native wildlife, but incurs

no liability for actions taken or decisions made.

Sydney Wildlife Rescue would like to thank Queensland Wildlife Rehabilitation

Council, NSW Wildlife Council, IFAW, fauna.org.au, and Wildlife Rescue

Australia for allowing us to use their resources in building this guide.

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