Wildlife in Urban Environments

Currently Australia has the world’s worst record for animal extinctions. In Australia (especially after the bushfires) we are lucky to have some native wildlife surviving in the cities.

However, with more trees being removed some wildlife are seeking shelter in areas we don’t want them (such as in our roof space) or trying to find a meal from our food plants as their food trees and shrubs have been removed.

In these situations please plant more native plants and provide nesting boxes to live alongside them, as well as keeping your pets inside at night.

If you struggle to live alongside our wildlife please talk to a rescue group, such as Sydney Wildlife 9413 4300 or WIRES about your situation and what options are available.

If you have wildlife in an area you do not want them (such as roof space or on your balcony) and they are NOT injured, then call a Possum Removalist. They are licenced to trap and release our native wildlife.

If you decide to hire or buy a trap, you need a licence to use the trap as under NSW legislation (National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974) any native animal CANNOT be removed further than 150 metres from where it was trapped. The government legislation is very clear “Possums are protected in NSW and catching possums without a licence is illegal in NSW. Licences to trap possums on your property are issued free of charge from your local NPWS office. Traps are available for hire from some wildlife rescue services or pest control companies.” How do I get a possum out of my roof? | NSW Environment, Energy and Science

Brushtail possum

Unfortunately, many people dump our wildlife away from their territory as they think possums can survive in “bush”. Research shows they usually die as they compete for food and space with wildlife already living there; they do not recognise the different food sources; they are removed from protection and social network of their family/flock, and; often they end up causing danger to others as they are chased out onto roads.

Traps are ONLY to be used to get wildlife out of sticky situations but they MUST be released in their territory. This winter we have had 4 reported cases of dumping in the Northern Beaches area. In one case the possum was saved from certain death when a wildlife rescuer was called and could administer medical treatment. There are many more cases where number plates were not recorded or dumping was not seen. Many end up rescued when they are sitting on the edge of the road defeated or found starving in rubbish bins. But members of the public can help. You can contact:

·       Your local Council regarding planting or tree removal or interactions between pets and wildlife

·       National Parks and Wildlife Services regarding trapping and relocating or to report illegal dumping Environment Line 131555 or info@environment.nsw.gov.au

·       Sydney Wildlife 9413 4300 or WIRES 13000 WIRES regarding an injured, at-risk or displaced animal

·       Possum removalists to get possums out of roofs or houses, Eg Possum Busters 1300 66 33 72

Australia has amazing and unique wildlife that is under growing threat. Thank you for your help in keeping them safe

Brushtail Possums


目前,澳大利亚的动物灭绝记录最差。 在澳大利亚(特别是在森林大火之后),我们很幸运地在城市中挂着一些本土野生动物。

然而,随着越来越多的树木被移除,一些野生动物正在我们不想要它们的地方(例如在我们的屋顶空间)寻求庇护,或者在它们的树木和灌木消失后试图从我们的食用植物中寻找食物。 在这些情况下,请种植更多本地植物并提供巢箱与它们一起生活,并在夜间将您的宠物关在里面。 如果您难以与我们的野生动物一起生活,请与救援组织联系,例如悉尼野生动物 9413 4300 或 WIRES,了解您的情况以及可用的选项。 如果您在不想要它们的区域(例如屋顶空间)有野生动物,并且它们没有受伤,请致电负鼠清除员。他们被许可诱捕和释放我们的本土野生动物。如果您决定租用或购买诱捕器,您需要获得许可才能使用诱捕器,根据新南威尔士州的立法(1974 年国家公园和野生动物法案),任何本地动物都不能被移离被困地点 50 米以外的地方。不幸的是,许多人将我们的野生动物从他们的领地中倾倒。研究表明,他们通常在争夺房屋时死亡,不认识不同的食物来源,远离家人/羊群,并且经常在被赶到马路上时对其他人造成危险。 陷阱仅用于让野生动物摆脱困境,但必须在其领土内释放它们。 欲了解更多信息,您可以联系: 您当地的议会关于种植或移除树木或宠物与野生动物之间的互动 国家公园和野生动物服务局关于诱捕和搬迁或报告非法倾倒环境热线 131555 悉尼野生动物 9413 4300 或 WIRES 13000 WIRES 关于受伤、处于危险中或流离失所的动物 负鼠清除人员将负鼠从屋顶或房屋中取出,例如 Possum Busters 1300 66 33 72


A possum box in a tree

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